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A2zgyan.com is a sole initiative of Nishnat Sharma in order to provide the latest and upcoming news/notification in the domains of various govt jobs, private sector jobs, and latest trends in technologies. This website will help those who needs guidance and information at all levels and different domains. Like-

Education: -

Information related to GK, Reasoning, Apttitude, Maths, English and much more. Online quizzes and mock tests on all these topic so that a user can examine his knowledge base.

Technology :-

Technoloy information like latest  mobiles, mobile tricks and tips, android updates, android tricks, wordpress, blogging and much more.


Bollywood updates, popular videos, jokes and other things that you might love to read, watch and share.


This website hosts a forum where you can share your problems, questions and doubts or can solve problems of others.

About Author:-

Nishant Sharma is a young & enthusiastic web developer working in a prestigious software company as a senior web application developer. He has started A2Z Gyan in 2013. As his visionary initiative in order to increase the flow of free knowledge throughout the world and help the society. Basically the website does not have its own products/services so it’s a way of social and community service towards the young generation

A lot of boys and girls today needs proper guidance and in lack of it they are drawn into the darkness of ignorance so to help those unguided youth we release latest notification and news of Govt and private sector jobs with proper guidelines to prepare for the competition.

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