How to unlock android phone without factory reset

By | November 4, 2013

How to unlock android phone without factory reset

On you can get various methods to unlock your android phone. This post is focused on data safety.

Here I am going to describe that “how to unlock an android phone without factory reset”. In other posts you can get a lot of methods to unlock your phone but most of those are based on hard reset and you might lost your all data stored in phone memory. So I hope that this post will be very helpful for you to save your important data.

If your android phone is locked after too many wrong pattern then you need to follow these steps.

  • Switch off your phone
  • Power it on
  • While booting (startup of phone) company logo will appear. Just as you pass the company logo, start pressing the home button fast and  repeatedly again and again.The frequency of pressing the button should be atleast 4-5 clicks per second. Don’t worry if the emergency call button pops up, click that each time it come. If, repeatedly this is done, you will notice that your phone will flash the password screen and the keypad screen a few times, and then the phone will start lagging the tapping done by you.
  • If the tapping(pressing) speed is extremely fast, after sometime you will be inside your phone but If the stable home screen doesn’t appear, it means you were slow and you need to try with a increased rate of tapping.
  • Now go to setting app
  • Now go to account and sync
  • Now remove all accounts(expect  your main Google account.)
  • Press the power button
  • Now phone will ask for your Google account
  • Enter the account details correctly
  • Now you can draw a new pattern
  • Now your problem is solved. Enjoy…….

Watch this video will help you to follow these steps

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