Free WordPress Theme VS Premium WordPress Theme

By | November 26, 2013

Free WordPress Theme VS Premium WordPress Theme


Selecting a perfect theme is one of the initial steps while starting a blog. There are so many free and premium themes available but here question arises that which one is better free or premium (paid theme). The most easy and frequent answer is “why to spend money when free themes are available ?”. But this answer is not satisfactory because this answer just focusing on only money factor but we cannot neglect other factors that makes a lot of impact on performance of a Blog.

Choosing a perfect theme is basic and initial need of every blogger. It is natural that a beginner always will be in favour of selecting a free theme. In case of beginners you can have majority of votes in favour of free themes. In fact I started my first blog with a free theme. If you are a beginner than I suggest you to use a free WordPress theme till you become experienced enough to understand and to use the advantages of Premium WordPress theme. But it doesn’t mean that a free WordPress theme is better than a Premium WordPress Theme. This is better for few initial months of blogging. Free themes are better than Premium WordPress themes only because these are free. I recommend you to use a Premium WordPress theme to get the advantages of updated tools and plugins of WordPress. With free Worpress themes you will not get an up to date support. Another reason that proves that Premium WordPress themes are better is that the authors are not serious about free version of theme and updates on free themes. With free WordPress themes updates are very late and this may create many problems like your theme may not support latest version of WordPress or any updated Plugin.

What makes Premium WordPress Themes better than Free WordPress Themes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most important factors to make your Blog popular and a theme plays a major role in SEO performance of your Blog. But unfortunately free themes are not good for SEO. Even most of free themes may not support some SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast and All In One SEO. With Premium WordPress Themes you can get inbuilt SEO tools and these themes also support SEO plugings very well, So I recommend you to use Premium WordPress Theme.
Developers and authors are not serious about the services and support associated with free themes. You get limited features with free theme. If you want to enjoy some other features that is not included with your free theme than you have to go for Pro version or any other Premium WordPress theme. Due to the huge competition in the market of Premium WordPress Themes you get the latest features, support and updates.

Support and Updates

If you have used WordPress since few months than I don’t need to tell you how frequently WordPress updates are available. WordPress is becoming advance with latest technologies. To use the advanced and latest features with updated version of WordPress you have to use an updated version of Plugins and theme and problem with free theme is that updates are very rare or late. So if you want to enjoy latest features you have to be updated and if you want to be updated you have to go for Pro version of your current theme or any other Premium WordPress theme.

Encrypted links

The worst thing about free themes is encrypted links. Have you ever thought that why the developers providing free themes. No one provide anything without any benefit. Developer sells the links encrypting them on your theme. Now you can have a question “whats wrong with these encrypted links” and answer is very simple ”these links effect SEO of your Blog. ” Search engines are becoming very clever with updated SEO algorithms and these algorithms consider these links as spammy links.

I hope you have got enough reasons why Premium WordPress Themes are better than a Free WordPress Theme. I recommend you to use Premium WordPress but if you are a new blogger I can understand that its not easy to spend about 20$ at beginning so you may use Free WordPress Themes for few months.

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